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POSTED APR 24, 2003

POWs are back; prison population up
Prisons and prisoners are in the news.
'1.Psychology of prison 2. Prisoner of the enemy: All the GIs have been released from captivity in Iraq. In some circumstances, POWs suffer major psychiatric disturbances after release. Will these visit the former prisoners of Iraq?' War images surround text, with a waving Shoshana Johnson on stretcher in the middle
B/W photo of POWs in the Bataan Death March, April, 1942. Many POWs carry makeshift stretchers filled with the casualties of war '3. Prisoner of the state: At home, prisons continue to grow. An April 9 report revealed that a record number of Americans are in the slammer.' Young man leans against wall of small cell, prison images surround him in collage.

MoreWhat does prison do to human beings?

How are POWs affected by the untender mercies of the enemy?


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