Drought + food = instability?

As California parches, we look at drought in the "Arab Spring" and China's Great Leap Forward. How are drought and famine related? More »

Bugs for dinner!

What about farming insects? 2 billion people eat insects, and more should be, according to the UN. As the planet searches for protein More »

Social network, Indian edition

A massive study looks at how ideas pass through social networks in 43 Indian villages, then offers a new definition of “well More »

Giving the ultimate gift

Listing your Facebook status as “organ donor” seems to induce friends to sign up at organ registries. A new study finds a strong quick More »

Lying liars lie!

We lie for many reasons: Glory. Money. Both. Something else. Is there a science of detecting lies? Does the digital realm make lying More »

Flying robots

Compared to regular airplanes, radio-controlled craft are safer, cheaper, and easier to use for observing wildlife. More »

Holiday blue? NOT!

Sick of the scare stories about holiday stress? Over-eating, over-this, over-that? What’s the upside of holidays, in terms of ritual More »

Soil: Key to solving the food crisis?

Could soil help? One-third of soils are degraded. In fighting desertification, erosion and nutrient loss, some soil-restoring More »

Social Network

If you were to draw lines representing your social connections to all your friends, your friends’ friends, and your friends’ friends’

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