Bookin’ science: Best of the batch.

If (gasp!) the subject is too big for a Whyfile, hit the books. Here, we review four great science books, on evolution, environment,

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ancient map of astrological signs

Must scientific literature be so darn murky? Do we really need clinkers like “biomedicine” and “astrolicism”? What if they just wrote More »

Scraps of ancient textiles found

Scraps of ancient textiles found
Flax, the basis for linen, was spun and dyed, and lost in the mud. More than 30,000 years later, microscopic flax fibers provide the More »

The sounds of sax

New study shows that controlling throat shape helps pro players hit the high notes that elude amateurs. More »

Art Crimes

How do modern art-sleuths fight art fraud and theft with high technology? What’s up with the Shroud of Turin? How does radiation help? More »