Ancient water = ancient habitat?

Ancient water = ancient habitat?

Geologic dating shows that water has been trapped more than 2 kilometers underground since before the Cambrian explosion. This water More »

Finding the killers — in advance

Finding the killers -- in advance

Can we spot young, male, angry, frustrated killers in advance? Will science help us identify them in time? Lessons from the past. More »

Long-Distance Prayer Fails Trial

People pray for the health of friends and family. Can science prove these prayers work? Should it try? Random, double-blind studies More »

Forensic Anthropology

This Why File surveys the latest in forensic anthropology, with a visit to the Forensic Anthropology Center at the University of More »

Biological Weapons

Biological weapons are microscopic killing machines containing viruses, fungi or bacteria — or the toxins made by these organisms. More »