Pitching the biomechanics

elbow ligaments and tendon (illustration)
The fate of baseball teams valued at hundreds of millions of dollars and followed by millions of rabid fans can come down to the elbow ligaments of a handful of young men who can throw a ball nearly 100 mph. But that doesn’t mean the best science guides their training. More »

Ultra-endurance athletics

Ultra-endurance athletics

Ultra sports are exploding! Why would anybody bike 508 miles across the desert – or run 135? What are the rigors of training, the satisfaction of finishing, the dangers of competing? Are we the ultimate endurance animals? More »

Gold medal for exercise: Key to long, healthy life

Activity is not just for the heart: For older people, it spells longevity, mobility, independence. Exercise fights diabetes and MS; even extends the lifespan. Time to get moving? More »

Scientists Sock it To Socks

Think all socks are created equal? Think about socks at all? A few scientists that think with their feet say choosing the right pair of socks is a major feat. Indeed! More »

Science Meets Sports

Science Meets Sports

The Why Files looks at kinesiology, sports medicine, psychology and some ancient Olympic history, brought to life. More »

Sports Doping

What is EPO? What are steroids? Do steroids cause aggression? Are steroidal athletes bad role models? Are we over-reacting to steroid use? More »

Endurance Sports: Training Tips

Armstrong wins historic 7th Tour de France. How do endurance athletes prepare for Tour de France? Marathon? Ironman? More »

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

It’s not just football. Hockey and biking are dangerous sports too. What are the real dangers of our athletic obsessions? What is the link between concussion and depression later in life? More »

Baseball Science

Throw a curve ball. Evade the rainstorm. And don’t get mouth cancer. It’s all in an afternoon’s ball game. More »