Running out of space

Tommy and his spacedog point up to Spaceship One

With space shuttles in museums, the near-term American plan to return to space relies on other countries or private firms. What are the options? More »

Driving while blabbing

Driving while blabbing

Texting already banned for truckers, etc. What do research and reality say about the danger of hitting the keys or yakking on the mobile? More »

New plug-in hybrid claims 640 miles per tank

New plug-in hybrid claims 640 miles per tank

Plug-in hybrids mean more than just extra spending cash for drivers, though. They could offer a new path through the maze of the electric grid, and help to boost the use of alternative energy. More »

Flying with bats

New study shows how they stay aloft, turn on a dime. Freeze-frame pix of bats flying show unexpectedly complex flight patterns. Meet evolution’s second answer to the problem of vertebrate flight.
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Simple fix boosts truck mileage.

Trucks create a lot of turbulence at the rear. Can a simple set of plates reduce this turbulence and save 10 percent on an 18-wheeler’s fuel bill? More »

Fuel Cell Advance: Catalyst

Fuel cells could provide cheap, efficient power, but nobody knows where to get the hydrogen. A new catalyst offers one route to fuel-cell success. More »

Wicked Wingbeat

Fruitfly muscles are triggered when they are lengthened by the opposing muscle, explaining why they can beat their wings 200 times a second. More »

When Birds Fly

Birds musta gotten a lesson from fighter planes: Bird wings get lift from a leading edge vortex, just like fighter planes. More »

Space Travel: Humans vs. Robots

Bush proposes mission to moon and Mars, but how great are the scientific payoffs of this expensive, risky adventure? Would it be smarter – and cheaper – to send robots? More »

Shipwreck Mystery on Lake Superior

The Edmund Fitzgerald went down in 1975 with barely a trace, and no warning call whatsoever. New evidence pins the blame on terrible weather. More »