Civil war: Changing a stuck mind

2 men with arms around each other smiling

After six decades, the Palestine-Israel stalemate seems hopeless. But could that very hopelessness be blocking a solution? A new study of people on both sides of the struggle shows that learning about the peaceful resolution of other intractable conflicts can increase their willingness to compromise – a key to peace. More »

Weather, climate, war

Solemn, young Congolese boy in oversized raincoat, raindrops falling, green grass behind him

Does climate affect war? A study shows increases in conflict during el Niño periods — but only during the warm, dry part of the cycle. More »

Science on the road!

Science on the road!

Hitting the road? What could be more enlightening than gawking at a cave, exploring a desert, or eyeballing the largest telescope in the world? Need proof that science is not just books and websites or equations and software? Get moving! More »

Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury

Charges that NFL “deliberately and fraudulently concealed” … link between head impacts and brain damage. What is the science of traumatic brain injury? More »

Happy tax day: Meet bureaucracy’s roots!

Happy tax day: Meet bureaucracy's roots!
Which came first: The empire or the administration? Conventional wisdom says the demands of empire led to the rise of bureaucracy. But a new study of six early states suggests that the specialization of power and function we call bureaucracy arises at the same time as the territorial expansion that leads to empire. More »

North Korea’s nukes

North Korea’s nukes

Underground nuclear tests have been the biggest roadblock to a comprehensive test ban. How are these explosions detected, and how reliably? More »

NukeWar, Regional Version

What would happen to the global climate after a nuclear war between India and Pakistan? Study says the planet would be dark and cool for 10 years. How much would food production decline? More »

Ecotourism: Is it Working?

20 years ago, ecotourism was promoted as a way to save natural systems, and the people who lived in them. We ask: Is ecotourism a force for good, or just another form of “greenwashing”? More »

Psycho-Trauma of War: 1 in 5 Injured

Psycho-Trauma of War: 1 in 5 Injured

New analysis of post-traumatic stress disorder among American Vietnam vets find 19 percent had PTSD after serving in combat. The greater the exposure to combat, the higher the rate of PTSD. More »

Prisoners and POWs: Punishment on the Brain

In mid-2004, U.S. jails and prisons held 2.1 million people. What are the psychological effects of imprisonment? How do POWs survive prison and torture? Can these scars be healed? More »

Science Publications: Censorship Needed?

Scientific journals choose self-censorship, decide not to publish articles related to biological weapons, bioterrorism and national security. Is this a necessary change in scientific tradition, or an over-reaction to a fearful political climate? More »