Love life of the firefly

Love life of the firefly

An alluring flash pattern is only the first step in firefly reproduction. Females actually pay more attention to the “nuptial gift” More »

News flash from the firefly!

field alit with firefly lights

Most fireflies flash on their own schedule, but some do it all at once. In most animals, the guys try to stand out from the crowd – More »

Tracking traveling toads

Tracking traveling toads
Do new species arise because so many niches are available in a new habitat? Or do they arise because newcomers have multiple talents More »

Celebrating Darwin and evolution

Celebrating Darwin and evolution

The theory of evolution is 150 years old, but forever young. We examine proofs for evolution, and four cool studies showing just how More »

Nobel goes to gene-knockouts

A technology that revolutionized medicine and genetics gets the big Nobelian Nod. Cancer. Heart disease. Obesity. Research into More »

Breeding dogs, breeding other animals

Football star convicted for bloody dog-fighting operation. What made the wolf turn into 400+ breeds of dog? How have farmers and animal More »

Biodiversity: Species Form Faster Near Poles

Conventional wisdom says species form faster in the biodiverse tropics. But a new study shows fast speciation and extinction at the

Mosquito Songs: Super Sexy?

After boy and girl mosquitoes meet, they synchronize their wingbeats. What does this tell us about how insects use sound? More »