Cancer genetics: Angelina Jolie’s decision

Cancer genetics: Angelina Jolie's decision

What about genetic screening? Angelina Jolie went public about her preventive mastectomy in an effort to focus publicity on surgery to prevent breast cancer. Can genetic sequencing help in cancer treatment? More »

Biobombs blast cancer!

Biobombs blast cancer!

We reported on viruses that infect cancer cells, force them to make more virus, and then die. Can viruses become “intelligent bio-agents” against cancer? More »

Genetic solution to cancer, diabetes?

Genetic solution to cancer, diabetes?

People with a genetic case of dwarfism in Ecuador don’t get cancer or diabetes, and a new study links that benefit to the genetic changes we see when calories are severely restricted. Could blocking growth hormone in adulthood lead to serious health benefits? More »

Untangling cancer’s genetic trajectory

Untangling cancer's genetic trajectory

Until now, getting a picture of genetic change in a tumor over time has been next to impossible. A new study reveals that cancer’s genetic tangle gets more complicated with time. More »

Skin Cancer – Why so Much?

Skin cancer is rising faster than the price of oil (almost). How can you identify skin cancer? How can you protect yourself? Is ozone loss one of the causes? Does sunscreen prevent melanoma? More »

Targeting tumors: A new approach proven?

Up to 20 percent of cancers are caused by a viral infection. A new study turns cancer-causing viral proteins into a homing beacon to attract radioactive isotopes that kill tumor cells. More »

Smoking Kills: It’s Not Just Cancer

The bad news: New science suggests nicotine, not just tar, is the smoking gun in cigarette-related disease. The good news: There are plenty of ways to quit. More »

Baseball Science

Throw a curve ball. Evade the rainstorm. And don’t get mouth cancer. It’s all in an afternoon’s ball game. More »