Exploring a volcano

Exploring a volcano

Watch volcanologists track a giant volcanic field in Chile — site of the fastest uplift on Earth. Laguna del Maule could change our climate. Scientists are racing to understand a strange unrest. What is the threat from this bizarre landscape? More »

Gulf oil spill: It’s a gusher – one mile deep!

A large structure on water on fire, large black cloud, large surrounding ships spraying water

What kind of ecological damage can we expect from a sustained blowout in the Gulf of Mexico? What are the lessons of Exxon Valdez, and how well do they apply to the current outbreak of oil? Is prevention really the only strategy? More »

Understanding Volcanoes

How do volcanoes work (p. 2)? How do we predict them (p. 3)? How do they change the landscape (p. 4)? How does life return after the eruption (p. 6)? More »

Galapagos: The Evolution Islands

Are the Galapagos islands the birthplace of evolution theory and evolution science? What did Darwin learn there, and how are they being preserved nowadays? More »

Natural Gas: Vast Undersea Supply?

Gas hydrates under the ocean may contain an almost unlimited supply of energy, but they’re hard to get, and using them could make global warming even worse. Now a UC-Riverside professor says quick releases of frozen methane could cause a climate catastrophe. So is this gas a blessing, a curse, or both? More »

Climate: Fast Change Is Real. Deal with It!

New research shows that climate of the entire North Atlantic region cooled abruptly and repeatedly during the Holocene period. Drill hole reveals rapid temperature change during past few thousand years. If climate could change so much back then, what about today? More »