Dunewatching, Martian style

Dunewatching, Martian style

New pix from Mars show sand dunes on the move. Mars has been dry for 1.5 billion years; could massive erosion be due to wind? Yes, says More »

Star-Burst Fills Empty Hole

Where did all the dust come from? If you are interested in the origin of planets and human beings, here’s evidence that a star More »

Saturn’s Secret: Lightning

Cassini finds lightning strikes on Saturn, haze on moon Titan, dust between the rings, and new rotation rate. More »

Planet Formation

New view of crystals that form into planets in protoplanetary disks. Which came first, the planet or the crystals? More »

Ancient Universe Seen

Astronomers have just seen galaxies from the first billion years of the universe. They are also racing to understand dark energy, the More »

Saturn’s Ring Thing

Why don’t the rings of Saturn just disappear over millions of years. It’s the recycling, that’s why! More »

Mars Has Big Ice!

Scientists have found ice on Mars. The frozen water, whose quantity may equal Lake Michigan, is within a meter of the surface. More »

Sun’s Story: Meet our Star!

New techniques give a better view of the sun, help predict flares, aurora and destruction from the sun. Like staying warm? Like radio? More »

Killer Asteroids: Ultimate Impact

New searches are finding lots of asteroids. None of them are aimed at us — yet. How much damage have asteroids done in the past? More »