Enter the realm of the ants

close up of ant faces with revolutionary-themed background

In many environments, ants know the tricks of survival, even domination. Skeptical? Ask the fire ant. Ask the army ant. A series of studies is revealing the genetic basis for survival and domination. What genes are active, and which have disappeared after prolonged unemployment? More »

Study finds key to colony-collapse disorder

Fast genomic analysis could open the door to breakthroughs in health, ecology and genetics. How do these machines work, and what have they taught about obesity, microbial diversity, and drug treatment? More »

Cicada Cascade

Like a chamberful of pork-barreling legislators, cicadas are on the wing in Washington, D.C. Voracious. Unstoppable. A force of nature: 17-year cicadas are back! More »

Evolution at Work: A Superheated Story

Studies of mitochondria show that polar people evolved greater ability to create heat; study has health implications for energy-deficiency diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. More »

Birdsong and Motivation

Sexual motivation for birdsong involves hormones, the medial preoptic brain area and environment in European starlings. More »

Sex Among Snails: Love Darts!

Natural love: Hermaphroditic snails dart each other during sex. Just before mating, hydraulic pressure builds around the dart. When the second animal touches the darter’s genitals, it shoots. More »

Galapagos: The Evolution Islands

Are the Galapagos islands the birthplace of evolution theory and evolution science? What did Darwin learn there, and how are they being preserved nowadays? More »