Enter the realm of the ants

close up of ant faces with revolutionary-themed background

In many environments, ants know the tricks of survival, even domination. Skeptical? Ask the fire ant. Ask the army ant. A series of More »

Cicada Cascade

Like a chamberful of pork-barreling legislators, cicadas are on the wing in Washington, D.C. Voracious. Unstoppable. A force of nature: More »

Birdsong and Motivation

Sexual motivation for birdsong involves hormones, the medial preoptic brain area and environment in European starlings. More »

Sex Among Snails: Love Darts!

Natural love: Hermaphroditic snails dart each other during sex. Just before mating, hydraulic pressure builds around the dart. When the More »

Galapagos: The Evolution Islands

Are the Galapagos islands the birthplace of evolution theory and evolution science? What did Darwin learn there, and how are they being More »