Fuel Faves: Coffee meets diesel!

Fuel Faves: Coffee meets diesel!

Oils in spent coffee grounds are easily converted into biodiesel — a renewable source of transportation energy. Bottoms up for CofFuel? More »

It’s snow-time! Dig into our all-flake, no fake feature!

Frosty questions: Are some snowflakes identical? How do flakes form, and how does weather affect their shape? How does ice in the atmosphere affect weather and climate? And where does the jet stream fit in this picture? More »

Understanding Volcanoes

How do volcanoes work (p. 2)? How do we predict them (p. 3)? How do they change the landscape (p. 4)? How does life return after the eruption (p. 6)? More »

Nuclear Wizard Dies

Edward Teller helped invent the hydrogen bomb, then pushed missile defense. By public advocacy and secret research, he changed the 20th century. More »