close up of ant faces with revolutionary-themed background

Classroom Activity Page: Four genomes for ants have just been decoded. The genetic information gives us a better More »

Flight without wings

Flight without wings

Scientists thought wings were the first evidence of flight. But plenty of falling ants can glide back to “their” tree to avoid being More »

Enter the realm of the ants

close up of ant faces with revolutionary-themed background

In many environments, ants know the tricks of survival, even domination. Skeptical? Ask the fire ant. Ask the army ant. A series of More »

Assembly-lines don’t work for ants!

Specialization may work in factories, but it does not make ant colonies more efficient. As the conventional wisdom about social insects More »

Ants: My Family, Right or Wrong!

The Argentine ant invaded California 100 years ago, forming “super-colonies” that stretch hundreds of miles. Most ants attack nearby More »

Ant Ambush: Hunting on 6 Legs!

Researchers marvel at the traps set by ingenious ants to capture flying and jumping prey that might otherwise escape. More »

Ant Farmers

Leaf-cutter ants invented farming many million years ago, when they domesticated fungus. Meet the first mushroom farmers! More »