Global warming crisis: One expert’s view

Global warming crisis: One expert's view
For an overview on warming, we interview the scientist who introduced the “hockey stick” graph showing rapid global warming. Is the stick still relevant? Dive into the science and politics of climate change: the ultimate environmental problem. More »

Tornado prediction

rubble of buildings and damaged car on side of road, sky still cloudy

Three essential elements drive a tornado: Wet air, dry air, and wind shear. What explains the big improvement in tornado prediction? More »

A climate of extremes?

A climate of extremes?

Are extreme heat, wicked cyclones and record rainfalls signs of climate change, or just more changes in the weather? Will warming eliminate record cold days? Will hurricanes get bigger? More »

Giant snake invasion!

Giant snake invasion!

Pythons, anacondas and boas are breeding in South Florida. What are these snakes eating, besides alligators? Can they be trapped, hunted, poisoned? More »

Energy and climate: The hidden stories

Energy and climate: The hidden stories

Climate scientists worry about feedbacks, glacial melting, sea level rise, and the complexity of climate science. What does human behavior tell us about warming? More »

Laser: The invention that just won’t quit!

Lasers read and write CDs and DVDs, form the heart of fiber-optics, and are being used in climate prediction, chemical identification, high-tech manufacturing, even the battle against influenza. More »

Winter’s Weird Weather: Blame el Nino?

Some call it Fall. Some call it spring. But nobody in the Midwest, East Coast or Northern Europe is calling it “winter.” What’s up with our weather? More »

Sad Earth Day: Warming Changes the Globe

Global warming is changing the planet: Antarctica is melting, sea level is rising, oceans are turning sour. Killing Amazon forests spreads malaria, reduces rainfall. How sick is our Earth? More »

Globe Heating Up

How do current conditions compare to past predictions of the effects of global warming? Are living on a warming planet? More »

Fish Shortages Today

Causes and effects of overfishing. Why do fishing regulations fail? Where have they succeeded? Like sushi? Read on: the fish are disappearing fast! More »