Live birth in ancient marine reptile!

Larger reptile bones, with spine snaking through image, laid out on stone background.

78 million years ago, a pregnant predator of the Cretaceous ocean died and sank to the sea floor. Today, her fossil gives the first proof that plesiosaurs, one of the commonest and baddest marine reptiles of the era, did not lay eggs. It gave birth. More »

Fossils: From Bed of Stone to the Museum

What happens during the preparation and mounting of dinosaurs? What happened during the epic struggle over Sue, the queen of the T rexes? Can you do science with a jackhammer? More »

Asteroid Threat

How bad is the asteroid threat to Earth, and what are they doing to find any killer asteroids out there? Read the delightful debate between the no-problem and the killer-asteroid schools of thought. More »