As snow goes, where go the animals?

As snow goes, where go the animals?
Animals like the wolverine evolved to live in the snow, and they excel in conditions that defeat most animals. How will they fare if More »

The secret life of cats

The secret life of cats

Humans and cats have enjoyed each other’s company for millennia, but scientists have discovered some troubling secrets of free-roaming More »

Assembly-lines don’t work for ants!

Specialization may work in factories, but it does not make ant colonies more efficient. As the conventional wisdom about social insects More »

At last: Parasites get some respect!

Along the coast of Baja, California, a new study finds that parasites outweigh top predators. What does this mean for ecology, and what More »

New Zealand Bugs Do Mouse Work!

Small rodents spread lots of seeds in nature, but they were absent from New Zealand. Do giant grasshoppers replace mice and rats in More »

Extinct No More: Wild Woodpecker

The ivory-billed woodpecker is back — after 60 years. What does that say about extinctions, and about other rare forms of life? Seen More »

Plant Diversity Under Threat

Brown future: New study finds large increase in number of threatened plants, calculates that 22 to 62 percent of plant species are More »