New food rules: How healthy?

New food rules: How healthy?

What are the safety fundamentals of the giant American food system? What do the new rules say? Who will (and maybe should) escape More »

Farming in the city

Rows of chard and kale in left and middle, plant netting to right, skyscrapers in background

Urban farms are sprouting in the most unlikely places. Advocates say they help with nutrition, obesity and job training. They build More »

How a fly detects a poison

How a fly detects a poison

Animals spend a lot of energy avoiding toxic chemicals in their food. A new type of gene that does this in fruit flies reinforces the More »

Mechanical mouth makes debut

To measure the molecules that give food taste, you need a standardized eating machine. One has finally arrived, courtesy of food More »

Chinese products: How safe?

Amid a flood of contaminated Chinese imports, we ask: what is going on? How dangerous are these foods and medicines? Is this normal, More »

Fish and Crabs

Fish and Crabs

Surprise: Crabs prefer fish fresh, just like you and me! Study shows that odor of rotten fish repels stone crabs; shows evolutionary More »

GM Crops: How Hazardous?

Do GM crops work as advertised? Do they kill only pest insects? Do they keep their modified genes to themselves? Or are they a hazard More »

Salmon au Flame Retardant

Feeling burned? Farmed salmon have higher levels of a brominated flame retardant than wild salmon. More »