Spider silk: Material of the future?

Spider silk: Material of the future?
Strong, tough, sticky, elastic and biodegradable, silk may be used for a mesh to support injured tissues, or as a temporary container More »

News flash from the firefly!

field alit with firefly lights

Most fireflies flash on their own schedule, but some do it all at once. In most animals, the guys try to stand out from the crowd – More »


A recent study published in the journal Nature has revealed that insects are closely related to crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp and

Animal arms race

Animal arms race

The struggle between predator and prey never ends. Bats invented sonar, and now some moths are fighting back. Check out the Why Files More »

Ants: My Family, Right or Wrong!

The Argentine ant invaded California 100 years ago, forming “super-colonies” that stretch hundreds of miles. Most ants attack nearby More »

Mosquito Songs: Super Sexy?

After boy and girl mosquitoes meet, they synchronize their wingbeats. What does this tell us about how insects use sound? More »

GM Food + 10 Years: Safe to Eat?

More than 100 million hectares are planted each year. What do we know about food safety? How is GM food doing amid the explosion in More »

Cicada Cascade

Like a chamberful of pork-barreling legislators, cicadas are on the wing in Washington, D.C. Voracious. Unstoppable. A force of nature: More »