Short of meds…

Short of meds…

Contaminated injection blamed for mini-epidemic. Why are hospitals running out of generic drugs, anesthetics and antibiotics? More »

Maggots, leeches, parasitic worms

Maggots, leeches, parasitic worms

Meet three gross “biotherapies”: Leeches suck blood after surgery. Maggots clear dead tissue from wounds. Parasitic worms fight ulcerative colitis. Back to the future, here we go! More »

Spider silk: Material of the future?

Spider silk: Material of the future?
Strong, tough, sticky, elastic and biodegradable, silk may be used for a mesh to support injured tissues, or as a temporary container for drugs, stem cells and growth factors. As scientists divine the secret of how spiders and silkworms make silk, they are finding ways to engineer silk into medical devices. More »

Nobel goes to gene-knockouts

A technology that revolutionized medicine and genetics gets the big Nobelian Nod. Cancer. Heart disease. Obesity. Research into virtually every major disease has gotten a boost from the Knockout Nobel! More »

Chinese products: How safe?

Amid a flood of contaminated Chinese imports, we ask: what is going on? How dangerous are these foods and medicines? Is this normal, expected? Or should we be doing something more to improve safety? More »

Nature: The natural prescription for health?

Could a walk in the park be good for you? Could looking out a window at a park be good for you? Can nature lower stress and promote healing? For centuries, philosophers, mystics and tree-huggers have talked up the benefits of nature. More »

Young Brains: Danger in the Operating Room?

Small doses of alcohol can kill brain cells in young lab animals. In people, they cause fetal alcohol syndrome. Anesthetics can also kill brain cells in animals. What do they do to young humans? More »

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Explained at Last

Fetal alcohol syndrome causes mental and physical probems in one percent of American babies. Why is alcohol so damaging to young brains, and what can we do about it? More »

Cannibals Get New Respect

Cannibalism reconsidered. Is devouring the relatives a humane way to respond to emotions about death? Do cannibals still roam the Guyana highlands? More »

Space Travel: How Healthy?

What are the medical and psychological costs of long-term space travel? Radiation, isolation, osteoporosis: Sounds like a real picnic to us! Intrigued? You could always overwinter in the Antarctic… More »