West Nile virus running wild

West Nile virus running wild

Mosquitoes spread a lot of disease, but they are not just “flying hypodermic needles.” As we rush to protect ourselves against a virus that can cause permanent brain damage, how can we understand and control the mosquitoes that spread West Nile? More »

Mosquito Madness

Detail from schematic diagram

Classroom Activity Page: As disease-infected mosquitoes expand their range, these bugs rise higher on the “menace to human health” list. What makes mosquitoes such perfect agents for disease transfer? Is global warming a factor? How is modern technology being harnessed in the war against skeeters? More »

Managing Malaria: Some Great New Ideas

Making mosquitoes that resist malaria sounds like a winning strategy. Could this bright idea fail — or even backfire? What other smart ideas might help us fight malaria? More »

Mosquito Songs: Super Sexy?

After boy and girl mosquitoes meet, they synchronize their wingbeats. What does this tell us about how insects use sound? More »

Malaria Defense: Can Mosquitoes Help?

Mosquitoes feed on a membrane containing blood.

Malaria harms people and mosquitoes. Some skeeters already kill malaria. Shouldn’t we work together to control this global blood parasite? More »

Mosquito Madness

Mosquitoes are a nuisance and a public-health threat. Why do they find me so appetizing? Will they spread as the globe warms? What can you really do to protect yourself? More »