Open for discussion...
More surpising changes of opinion from the National Issues Convention in Austin.

The percentage of delegates who felt that making a divorce harder to get would strengthen the family in this country rose from 36.1% to 56.7%.

The percentage who strongly agreed that the United States should engage in military cooperation with other nations to address trouble spots rose from 20.8% to 37.7%.

Why the Changes?
According to the people who attended, the main reason for changing opinions was the small-group discussions. (Each small group spent three hours each discussing the family, the economy, and foreign affairs.)

But the changes did not reflect an established political viewpoint, Fishkin adds. "I was pleased that there was no clear ideological cast to the results. In some cases, it was more conservative, and in other more liberal, although we didn't use those terms is asking questions." And although the poll was not designed to track the presidential campaign, Fishkin notes that these results did mirror changes in the campaign, particularly Pat Buchanan's championing of protectionism and middle-class workers.

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