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Date: Sun, 3 Mar 96 09:36:32 EST From: George Marsaglia

Editorial Staff:

You may wish to consider the following for your news web site.

The Marsaglia Random Number CDROM, developed and distributed from the Florida State University under a grant from the National Science Foundation, will be available in mid March.

It is free to interested scientists.

The CDROM contains some 5000 million random bits, made from combining three sources of electronic noise with some of the best and latest deterministic random number generators.

The CDROM also contains the DIEHARD battery of tests for randomness as well as postscript files giving theory and methods of production.

The primary purpose was to provide an unassailable source of random numbers for Monte Carlo studies in physical sciences. But it may also be used as a reliable and verifiable source of randomness for clinical trials, selection of jury panels, sample surveys and other applications in social sciences.

Interested users may request a free copy from Prof. Marsaglia by e-mail: geo@stat.fsu.edu

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