Return of the species



1. Wolves. Endangered?
2. Wolves on the rebound
3. History of extermination
4. Midwestern wolves

5. Causes of extinction
6. Trumpeter swan sings
Wisdom of reintroductions
8. Helping the plants
9. Moving the plants

10. Genetics movement
11.House flies!


The Why Files Staff

Terry Devitt

Yael Gen
graphic designer

Sue Medaris

Jennifer Pearson
project assistant

Darrell Schulte

David Tenenbaum
staff writer and member, vanishing species society.

Amy Toburen
content development

Susan Trebach
team leader


Interview Subjects


  Adam Asquith
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Kauai, Hawaii

  David Bender
National Tropical Botanical Garden

 *Marlin Bowles
plant conservation biologist
Morton Arboretum, Illinois

 *Peter Bryant
professor of developmental and cell biology
University of California, Irvine

 *Marsha Karle
public affairs office
Yellowstone National Park

 *Sumner Matteson
avian ecologist
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Madison, Wisconsin

 *Cheryl Matthews
public affairs office
Yellowstone National Park

 *Lisa Marie Meffert
research assistant professor
department of biology and biochemistry, University of Houston, Texas

  Gary Ray
Center for Plant Conservation, Bishop Museum, Honolulu

  Bruce Stein
Association for Biodiversity Information

 *Craig Stockwell
Savannah River Ecological Laboratory, University of Georgia

  Donald Waller
department of botany, University of Wisconsin-Madison

 *Adrian Wydeven
mammalian ecologist
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

  * denotes factchecker
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