Return of the species



1. Wolves. Endangered?
2. Wolves on the rebound
3. History of extermination
4. Midwestern wolves

5. Causes of extinction
6. Trumpeter swan sings
Wisdom of reintroductions
8. Helping the plants
9. Moving the plants

10. Genetics movement
11.House flies!






Undoing our mistakes
POSTED 14 JULY 2000 Wolves are doing so well that they may be removed from endangered status. Credit the successful reintroduction at Yellowstone National Park, and increased conservation efforts nationwide. To prevent extinctions and make the planet more beautiful, scientists and land managers are restoring endangered species to their former homes. Let's look at some reintroduction efforts.

howling wolf
Monty Sloan and US Fish & Wildlife

It's wolf city down at Yellowstone.

Has the trumpeter swan sung its swan song?

Teach animals to be wild.

It's not just animals -- plants are also going extinct.

Something's fishy with these genes.

A contrarian's view on genetics and endangered species.


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