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Olympics: Science of the Sporting Life
Expanded 2006 based on 1996 story


Lynley Anderson
Ph.D. candidate
University of Otago, New Zealand
(2006 email interview)

* Jesus Dapena
professor of kinesiology
Indiana University, Bloomington
(1996 interview)

Steven T. Devor
associate professor
sport and exercise science program, and department of physiology and cell biology, and department of human nutrition
The Ohio State University
(2006 interview)

* Richard Gordin
professor of health
physical education and recreation
Utah State University, Logan
(1996 interview)

Deborah King
assistant professor
exercise and sport sciences
Ithaca College (New York)
(2006 interview)

* Stephen Miller
professor emeritus
University of California, Berkeley
(1996 interview)

William Morgan
professor emeritus
exercise psychology
University of Wisconsin-Madison (2006 interview)

* John Raglin
professor of kinesiology
Indiana University (1996 and 2006 interviews)

Richard Yoast
Office of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Abuse Prevention
American Medical Association Madison
(2006 interview)

*indicates fact-checker


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