Climatologist's Toolbox
Poking About in the Climatologist's Toolbox
[Posted 6 Nov 1997] To tackle a problem, the basic impulse of our species is to invent a tool to fix it. Science is a heck of a long way from being able to deliberately alter climate. In fact, scientists are only beginning to solve the most basic climate problem of all -- measuring climate and how it changes over time. So what are some of the tools of the climatologist? How do scientists measure climate or look back in time to see what climate was like long ago? Most importantly, how do they try to forecast what might be in store for the planet?

tools! To monitor our own health, mom takes our temperature. How do scientists take the Earth's temperature?

Computer-based climate models: The sledgehammer of modern climatology.

Can ice cores from remote glaciers and ice caps help us look back in time?

Lake Sediments: Here's a nifty tool that weaves a tale of Walden Pond and fire.

What does archeology have to do with understanding climate change?

What, climatologically speaking, can we learn from tree rings?

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