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'95 the Hottest Year on Record as the Global Trend Keeps Up, William K. Stevens, The New York Times, 1/4/96, p. A1

Scientists Say Earth's Warming Could Set Off Wide Disruptions, William K. Stevens, The New York Times, 9/18/95, p. A1

Violent Weather Battering Globe in Last 2 Years Baffles Experts, William K. Stevens, The New York Times, 5/24/94

Warming? Tree Rings Say Not Yet, Natalie Angier, The New York Times, 12/1/92

Debate may resume over volcano-climate link, D. Pendick, Science News, 12/2/92

As the globe warms, keep an eye on storms, T. Adler, Science News, 1/7/95 p. 7

New rumble resounds through Pacific, Science News, 12/16/95 p. 415

Sky-High Findings Drop New Hints of Greenhouse Warming, Richard A. Kerr, Science, 7/5/96 p. 34

Verdict (Almost) In, Carl Zimmer, Discover, 1/96

Climate Modelling, Stephen H. Schneider, Scientific American

Validating Models of Ecosystem Response to Global Change, Edward B. Rastetter, BioScience, 3/96

Ancient Plants Mark Climate Blip, Douglas Palmer, New Scientist, 1/27/96

Drought and Decline, Jeremy A. Sabloff, Nature, 6/1/95

Has Global Warming Begun?, Shawna Vogel, Earth, 12/95, pp. 24-33

Cloudy Days Ahead for Climate Predictions, Alexandra Witze, Earth, 6/95, p. 12

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Diatoms? Look at these.

A wonderful tree ring gallery.

The Byrd Polar Research Center is worth a long look.

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