Fright night
'tis the season of the scary. The midnight of the mangled, the maimed and the mortified. Do we have to tell you it's Halloween again? We just did. So grab your security blanket and come for a walk on the wild side. [Posted 24 Oct 1996]

animated skull
The skull speaks.
That queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach is not an accident. It stems from a whole 'nother brain that's newly discovered, but with ancient roots. This brain helps you digest food -- and feel fear...

Who's afraid of the mad scientist?

Cliff divers. Auto Racers. Theoretical physicists. Are some people born to be wild?

Millions of bucks. Thousands of brains. A coupla roller-coaster tickets. That's what it takes to give you goosebumps.

Who created this monster anyway?

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