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Q. So there is a flip side to the T-type personality?
A. Definitely. I see positive and negative sides to this characteristic. There's positive, healthy, constructive risk-taking that you see in most creative fields, science for example, or entrepreneurship, or in the risks of creating a healthy personal relationship. But there's a negative side as well -- in delinquency, crime, unsafe sex, drinking and driving, crazy risk-taking in general. Part of the motivation here is simply the desire for thrills -- although I want to stress that I'm not suggesting type TO is a sole cause of anything. But we've found that big T's have twice as many highway accidents as small t's -- when you control for age, sex, etc. Accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers, often because they put themselves in a dangerous position from a need for thrills. devil tarot card
Q. I was almost getting the idea that thrills are all fun and games. Can your analysis help us raise big-T children so they survive childhood? fortune tarot card
A. I think so. If you understand that certain children need thrills, you can raise them more intelligently. For example, the T-type rebels at rules, and we may do better providing guidance than setting hard-and-fast rules. And there's always the opportunity to channel that thrill-seeking into relatively safe, positive activities. You are not going to stop that thrill-seeking, but you try to prevent them from taking lethal risks. At the very least, you want them to avoid putting other people at risk.
Q. Sounds like you'd support Outward Bound [the wilderness experience program for youth]... death tarot card
A. I think it's one of the best examples of a type-T treatment for adolescents. I should also mention Vision Quest, a Tucson, Ariz., project for extremely hard-core delinquents that's mostly adventure-based. Delinquent kids fresh from the city streets get their own wild horse to break; it's a shock, has high T value, novelty, variety, intensity.
Q. That does not describe all sports...
A. No. I've always said that baseball is not the American sport -- it's too slow, too routinized, too rule-governed. If you want to look at the American character, you'd have to look at sports like ice hockey or basketball -- they're fast-moving, changing, intense.

Maybe roller coasters are what T-types really need...
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