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After the Crash, Vincent Lytle, Discover, 5/96, pp. 99-101.

The Air-bag-safety Saga, John Greenwald, Time, 12/2/96, p. 40.

How Products Are Made: an Illustrated Guide to Product Manufacturing, Detroit, Gale Research, 1994.

How to Deflate the Air-bag crisis, Bill Vlasic, Business Week, 12/9/96, p. 41.

Weaker Air Bags Save Kids, Put More Adults at Risk, Jayne O'Donnell, USA Today, 1/14/97, p. 1.

Why Airbags Are Killing Kids, Rob Norton, Fortune, 8/19/96, p. 40

On-line resources...
Here's what the auto insurers have to say about highway deaths.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety put together this Q&A on air bag safety.

The National Safety Council has an Air Bag Safety Campaign.

The National Crash Analysis Center supplied us with the cool animations and they have more...

Need a portable air bag? It's already been patented.

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