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DON'T do this! As we've stressed, the ironic thing about the air-bag controversy is that almost any driver can solve it without more technology. The Why Files asked Murray Katcher, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on child safety, to lay out the rules for drivers of cars with passenger-side airbags (which are marked on the dashboard with "supplemental restraint system," "SRS," or some such gibberish).

Images courtesy of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

1. Here they are.

All kids in the back seat, properly restrained for their age and size.

2. Never, ever, put a rear-facing infant seat in the front seat.
3. If a child absolutely must ride in front, use proper restraints and slide the seat all the way back.
nothing DO this!But when is a child not a child -- when is a child big enough to ride safely in front with an air bag? Nobody will say for sure. "There's not an exact breakoff to say you are safe once you reach 12 years, and there's no exact height or weight either," Katcher says, even though federal officials "are looking at five-foot two as a possible cutoff point."

There won't be any kids to worry about when the Pathfinder spacecraft crashes into Mars -- with a little help from an air bag.

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