Scottish Sheep Shocker!

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After Decades and Many Missteps, Cloning Success, Michael Specter with Gina Kolata, The New York Times, 3/3/97, p. 1.

Scientist Reports First Cloning Ever of Adult Mammal, Gina Kolata, The New York Times, 2/23/97, p. A1.

Send in the Clones, Nature, 2/27/97, pp. 810-813 and accompanying article.

With Cloning of Sheep, the Ethical Ground Shifts, Gina Kolata, The New York Times, 2/24/97, p. A1 (related stories, p. C17, national edition).

They're studying medical ethics down in Texas.

Clinical Ethics Practitioners and other best-selling titles in medical ethics.

Report from Scotland on the Scottish sheep shocker.

Bet they know something about cloning at the Human Genome Project.

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