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  The lingo of cloning
Antibodies A protein with a tendency to bond with another protein having a very specific shape.

Chromosomes Groups of many genes that move together as cells divide.

Cloning Reproducing without combining genetic material from the mother and father.

Differentiating The process by which embryonic cells become adult cells.

Embryo An early stage in the post-fertilization development of an animal or plant egg.

Expressed The making of whatever protein a gene is programmed to make.

Growth factors Chemicals that, in minute amounts, cause the growth of cells; used to regulate cell growth.

Mitochondria Cell organelles that help the cell produce energy.

Nuclei The compartments, one to a cell, where genetic material is stored.

Organelles Small structures inside a cell, generally bounded by membranes.

Pipette A narrow tube used to move small amounts of material in biology labs.

Recombining The process by which chromosomes exchange material with each other during cell division if a break appears in both strands.

Replicate Reproduce.

Snarfed Smouched, absconded with, made off with.

T-cell One type of "attack" cell in the immune system.

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