Pirate patter
Blunderbuss The 18th century equivalent of the sawed-off shotgun.

Booty Plunder. Loot. Stolen treasure. Anything seized by force or robbery.

Bronze Age The phase of human culture, 11,000 to 3,500 B.C., characterized by bronze tools and weapons, usually regarded as between the Stone Age and the Iron Age.

Buccaneer Pirate.

Concretion An inclusion resulting from the formation of succeeding layers of mineral matter about some nucleus.

Magnetometer An instrument used for measuring magnetic forces or for finding concealed metal.

Pewter A malleable metal alloy containing tin, alloyed with antimony, copper and/or lead.

Spanish Main The route of the Spanish treasure galleons and a former haunt of pirates.

Tectonic Pertaining to changes in the structure of the Earth's crust, the forces responsible for such deformation, or the external forms produced.

Touch Mark The identifying mark of a craftsman, such as a pewterer.

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