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Terry Devitt

Yael Gen

Darrell Schulte

Dave Tenenbaum
feature writer

Amy Toburen
content development advisor

Susan Trebach
team leader

  robot vehicles
Interview subjects

 *James Bales

MIT Sea Grant College Program, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Laboratory

  James Bellingham
laboratory manager and principal research investigator
MIT Sea Grant Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Laboratory

 *Terry Gregory
university relations specialist
science and engineering center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

 *Sanjay Limaye
associate scientist
space science and engineering center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  Steve Stolper
Pathfinder flight software engineer
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California

 *Chuck Thorpe
Carnegie Mellon University, principal research scientist
CMU Project Leader, National Automated Highway System Consortium

* denotes factchecker

Image note

"Lost in Space" robot courtesy of Shaun in Australia.

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