field of genes

The shallow end of the gene pool

Terry Devitt

Yael Gen

Joe Kallenberger
design intern

Darrell Schulte

David Tenenbaum
feature writer

Amy Toburen
content development advisor

Susan Trebach
team leader

    Interview subjects

Karen Marshall and Dan Holman
Department of public affairs
The Monsanto Company.

    Margaret Mellon
Director of agriculture and biotechnology program
Union of Concerned Scientists, Washington, DC.

    David Pimentel
Entomologist and professor emeritus of ecology,
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University.

    Bruce Tabashnik
Professor and chair
Department of entomology, University of Arizona.

  * John Wedberg
Professor and chair, department of entomology, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  * denotes factchecker.

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