Meet the asteroids

Are they gonna hurt us?

Will they obliterate the earth?

How are asteroids found?

Did asteroids deliver life?

What are they made of?

What about comets?

Asteroids in orbit

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Water on the moon?

Neutrino telescope

Life on Mars?

Radio telescopes

Sputnik and science ed


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Spaceguard wants to guard us from -- you guessed it.

Here's what happened when Comet Shoemaker-Levy zapped Jupiter.

Home of JPL's Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking -effort.

The Near-Earth Objects page.

Planets found beyond the solar system(?)

Here's a statement on the mondo 1998 asteroid scare.

A nice portrait of asteroid 243 Ida.

Absolutely spacy: What else can you say about the Jet Propulsion Laboratory?

The amazing promise of X-ray astronomy.

Meet the responsible parties -- space cadets, all!

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