getting wild in the city

T H E why
files S T A F F

Terry Devitt

Darrell Schulte

David Tenenbaum
feature writer

Amy Toburen
content development executive

Susan Trebach
team leader

Interview subjects
 *Kevin Kazacos
professor of veterinary parasitology
Purdue University

  Daniel Ludwig
animal ecologist
Forest Preserve District of Du Page County, Illinois

 *William Porter
professor of wildlife ecology, college of environmental science and forestry
State University of New York in Syracuse

 *Stanley Temple
Beers-Bascom Professor in Conservation, department of wildlife ecology
University of Wisconsin-Madison

  * denotes factchecker

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The Why Files Staff includes: Terry Devitt, editor; Darrell Schulte, webmaster; David Tenenbaum, feature writer; Susan Trebach, team leader