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Drenched in drugs
Beyond biking
Blood doping
Steroids 'n kids
'roid rage

Why Files

The science of the Olympics.

Using steroid hormones -- on beef cattle!

Environmental hormones.

What can sweat tell us about bone loss?

Meet a high-tech bike rim.

Anabolic-Androgen Steroids: Current Issues. Charles Yesalis and MS Bark, Sports Medicine, May, 1995, pp. 326-40.

Drugs and Sport. Research Findings and Limitations, PM Clarks and HS Thompson, Sports Medicine, 366-84, Dec. 1997.

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The U.S. Olympic Committee says "Doping violates the ethics of both sport and medical science and is prohibited."

U.S. Cycling team.

If it's got two wheels and no motor, Bike Ride Online knows their URL.

We're no dopes.

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The Why Files
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