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Genetic Technology
Viable Populations

Isotopes and dating

Evolution! Paper
Hox Genes in Brachiopods and Priapulids and Protostome Evolution, Renaud de Rosa et al, Nature, 24 June 1999, pp. 772-6, see also pp. 730-1.

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Tower of Babel: The Evidence Against the New Creationism, Robert Pennock, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. 1999.

The Evolutionary War

National Academy of Science's Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science

The National Center for Science Education does likewise, with current news of the fracas.

Want the creationists' side of the argument?

Here's a time line on the development of evolutionary thought.

Systematics is the science of classifying organisms.

Deep Green is classifying plants by their evolutionary descent.

Sex and the single (malarial) parasite.

These evolution experts helped us out.

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