Life Unlimited
Uncountable Bacteria
Viable Populations
Coming Shortages
Global Warming
Nature's Price
Renewable Energy
Genetically Engineered

Irradiated Food
Multiple Births!
Why 6 billion?

AIDS to Reduce Kenyan Life Expectancy to 42 Years, Xinhua News Agency, Sept. 27, 1999.

Breaking Out or Breaking Down, Lester Brown and Brian Halwell, World Watch, September/October, 1999, pp. 20-9.

How Many People Can the Earth Support, Joel Cohen, WW Norton & Co., 1995 Reverend Malthus, Meet Doctor Faustus, Peter Huber, Commentary, Nov. 1998, pp. 30-5.

A Special Moment in History, Bill McKibben, The Atlantic Monthly, May 1998, pp. 55-78.

Facing the Future has curriculum, newsletters and more.

If playing "Death" was fun, why not read about India's Time Bomb?

Malthus may have been dead for 134 years, but he's still wired!

Of course, some people would like to get Beyond Malthus.

Zero Population Growth is now called Population Connection.

Those who do think that having 6 billion neighbors is a bad thing would love to see Negative Population Growth. Still others are ready to help plan ways to slow down growth. A few just want to take action.

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