dancing skeleton
Hooray for Halloween!
Bats 'n bugs
Befriending bats
Best brain bank
Grave robbers
Gorgeous graves


dancing skeleton


dancing skeleton
Bats, brains, and burying grounds

After 9,000 Years, Oldest Playable Flute Is Heard Again, The New York Times, Sept. 29, 1999, science section, p. 2.

Archeologists Rediscover Cannibals, Ann Gibbons, Science, Aug. 1, 1997, pp. 635-7.

Crow Creek's Revenge, Heather Pringle, Science, Mar 27, 1998, p. 2039.

Peruvians Plunder Their Past with Impunity, David Koop, Associated Press, Toronto Star, Dec. 14, 1997, p D8.



Once the facts are dutifully known, saving bats will be your new drone.

And should you be moved and wish to spew prose, why not write poetry, its shorter ya know.

Conversations with Dr. Frankenstein
"I need it intact!! Aren't you aware, you hunchbacked lab rat, that we're building a monster here?"

"What? You say you want to see inside the brain? Then the library is bound to have a database you can use."

Stories from the Boneyard
Only a few of the very famous can escape the sands of time.

They tour cemeteries.

Dead slaves tell tales.

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