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My party. My nation. My team. My religion. My family. We're all loyal to something.


Bye-bye Buchanan
POSTED 4 NOV 1999 With a rousing speech to hundreds of supporters, veteran speechwriter, pundit and commentator Pat Buchanan renounced the Republican Party and announced his desire to snare the presidential nomination of the Reform Party, once the vehicle of Ross Perot.

The switcheroo puts Pat ("Loose Cannon") Buchanan head to head with Donald ("Rollin' Dice") Trump, and Jesse ("the Body") Ventura, two other Reform Party presidential wannabes. But the biggest victim of the decision could well be Texas Gov. George W. Bush if Buchanan siphons votes from the GOP front-runner.

Buchanan jumping from ship The move posed some risks for Buchanan as well. Was he quitting the GOP from principle -- or from the fact that his chance of gaining the nomination was less than the chance of a civil discussion on Crossfire? In other words, will he be accused of disloyalty?

Whether or not Buchanan owes a debt of loyalty to the party that so long benefited from his sharp tongue, his ship-jump got The Why Files thinking about loyalty in all its forms.

Whether it's our party, our nation, our team, our religion or our family, we're all loyal to something.

Join us for a whirlwind tour of loyalty, Why File style.

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