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Space: The junkman cometh

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Missile Destruction Raises Fears of Space Debris, David Chandler, Boston Globe, Feb. 19, 1998, p. A4.

Space Station Faces Debris Danger, Mark Prigg, Sunday Times (London), May 9, 1999.

String of Missteps Doomed Orbiter, JPL Found at Fault, Robert Hotz, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 11, 1999, P. A1.

A System Fails at Mars, A Spacecraft is Lost, Richard Kerr, Science, 19 Nov. 1999, p. 1457 ff.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory -- home of the failed Mars Polar Lander and the dead-and-gone Mars Climate Orbiter.

The definitive study of space junk is getting a trifle dated.

Space junk and the space shuttle.

Home of Hubble, the ultimate observatory, beneficiary of repeated space fixes.

Can't tell a meter from a mile? Join the club! Help is on the way.

Ambitious generals push. Rockets explode. More flubs in space.

No flubs on our credits page.

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