White death

Slide into oblivion
Avalanches unveiled
Rotten snow
Avalanche forecasting
Staying safe
Anatomy of a snowflake


A hexagonal flake with thick arms.
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Eight Non-Avalanche Snow-Immersion Deaths, Robert Cadman, The Physician and Sportsmedicine, Dec. 1999, pp. 31 ff. Outside Magazine, avalanche issue, February, 2000.

Snow stability tests "are just a piece of the puzzle for avalanche prediction."

Near-Surface Faceted Crystals: Conditions necessary for growth and contribution to avalanche formation, Southwest Montana, U.S.A., Karl Birkeland et al.

Nova did a fine job with avalanches.

Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center.

Snow crystals on the electron microscope.

An avalanche of credit is due our sources.

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