Armageddon: the real story

Asteroids on the attack!

History of asteroid impacts

Optimists vs. pessimists

Finding asteroids

Making sense of the menace



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Life in the Mars Rock?


More on the asteroid search.

Beyond the Blue Horizon: Myths & Legends of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets, E.C. Krupp, Oxford University Press, 1991.

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A Message from God: NASA Radio Telescope Picks Up Mysterious Transmission from Deep Space: The Asteroid Story the Government Doesn't Want You to Read, Weekly World News, March 7, 2000, cover story.

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Read Michael Paine's impact simulation that caused the latest fuss. Here's an article on the software.

Spaceguard had ambitious plans for -- you guessed it.

The Spacewatch Project tracks 'roids.

Dittoth Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking and the Near-Earth Objects project.

How do we know a crater was caused by cosmic impact?

Planets found beyond the solar system(?)

A nice portrait of asteroid 243 Ida and its bitty moon.

The amazing promise of X-ray astronomy.

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