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New Uses For Radioactive Waste

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A MAD look at science!

nuclear power plant illustration
Now piling up at a reactor near you: Mountains of highly radioactive waste left over from a silly scheme to make electricity without burning fuel. Rad waste: It's hot. It glows in the dark. It'll be radioactive long after the sun blows itself up, and (surprise!) nobody wants it in their backyards.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger could make a buck off his homely face, we figure we can also cash in on this ugly stuff with:

The Why Files looks at: Radioactive Waste

1. No-Sno Pavement Melter.
Ideal for senior centers and airports!
airplane on green steamy runway illustration

2. We Always Care Memorial Lights.
Green glow: perfect for the upscale boneyard!
illustration of graveyard with foreground tombstone having glowing light on top

3. Mutacell Batteries
Lasts long after the last coal goes up in smoke (ideal for laptops)!
illustration of green alien hand typing on laptop

4. Final Cup Instant Coffee
Designer-grown Jamaican glow-mountain beans roasted with double-refined plutonium 239 for a rich, smooth blend. Each packet makes 1,000 gallons.
green coffe in barrel-looking mug


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