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cartoon rocketship flies up, behind the side titles1. Wild blue beyonder4. Psychos in space5. Space travel is healthy2. Bodily blues3. Dangers of osteoporosis


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Antarctic Ice Bibliography


Polar Science

Snow and ice

Neutrinos in the Antarctic

Dangerous Fieldwork

Hazards of space travel

Ion Thruster in space

Robots on Mars

Sputnik's (see "Legacy" in the bibliography)

Spy satellites

Microgravity-Induced Bone Loss: Will it Limit Human Space Exploration? Michael Holick, pp. 1569-70; and Effects of Long-Term Exposure on Cancellous and Cortical Weight-Bearing Bones of Cosmonauts, Laurence Vico et al, pp. 1607-11, The Lancet, 6 May, 2000.

Staying Sane in Space, Sara Simpson, Scientific American, Mar. 2000, p. 61-2.


Want to see the space station from the ground?

The epic Shackleton expedition of 1914 set the standard for hardship -- and survival -- in Antarctica.

International Space Station

More on Mawson and his Antarctic adventures

Read our space-cadet credits.

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