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Sec. of State Colin Powell visited Africa in May, sparking adulation and protests.

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Powell visits Africa
Wearing a red tie, with a flag in the background, Powell smiles at the camera.POSTED 7 JUNE 2001 In a whirlwind tour of Africa, Secretary of State Colin Powell saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. The visit of the first secretary of state with an African heritage focused on democracy and disease:

Mali: In this newly democratic, extremely poor, nation, Powell visited a malaria research site.

South Africa: Powell met AIDS patients, and chided the government on its lax response to the virus.

Kenya: He watched an AIDS-awareness play and urged long-time strongman Daniel Arap Moi to step aside.

Uganda: Powell complimented the government on its campaign against AIDS, but urged a reduction in its military involvement in Congo.

Africa map, showing Mali, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sahara Desert, Sahel.Powell's trip may signal a renewed U.S. interest in Africa, which mainly makes news for wars, famines and plagues. We at the Why Files wouldn't necessarily bet on that. But we are savvy enough to exploit Powell's "news hook."

What is science telling us about Africa these days?



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